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Hsiu-ling Pan

Chief Executive Officer

Ms. Pan Hsiu-ling graduated from the Chinese Department of National Chengchi University with a master's degree and studied in the Ph.D. program of the New Asia Institute of Advanced Chinese Studies. Ms. Pan had been a lecturer in the Chinese Department of Guangwu Institute of Technology for three years and a lecturer in the Chinese courses group of the General Education Center of China University of Science and Technology for 25 years. She retired in August 2018. In addition to teaching Chinese language courses, Ms. Pan also worked with her colleagues to compile textbooks, such as "Wenhai Xinxiang Reader" and so on. She also participated in the Ministry of Education's "School-wide Reading and Writing Course Promotion and Innovation Project" to integrate life education into teaching.

At the university, Ms. Pan served as the head of the official document office and the tutor of the Student Guidance Center. She also served as the course leader of the General Education Center, in addition to planning the class timetable, and organizing the Artist-in-residence activities and art and cultural center exhibitions, such as "Master Zhang Binghuang Calligraphy Exhibition" and "Japanese Floral Art Exhibition of Modern Famous Crafts".

Hsiu-ling Pan: TeamMember
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